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Canterbury (Main Centre)

University of Kent Campus, Canterbury Innovation Centre,
University Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7FG

Outreach: Medway and London - Greenwich
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Tel: 07742 188458
Or: 07841 872836

Testimonials - Why Choose This Assessment Centre?

The following testimonials have all been received in the office by email or letter from students and parents.

View our why choose us page for more reasons to choose this centre.

The people assessing me were very understanding and supportive.
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"I found the process straightforward and it was clearly explained what I needed to do next. My emails were promptly replied to which was great. Overall, I had a really good experience.

anonymous "

The assessment experience was very easy.
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"There were clear instructions on who to contact about certain things. […] Going through my coursework questions and talking about how to tackle them with my one-to-one support was very very helpful with my academic work. But also having regular catch ups with my mentor was very emotionally calming and grounding as it is a space where I could sit and think with them about how I am actually doing. […].

My one to one support [worker], and my mentor […] were absolutely amazing with me in their respective roles. I am very grateful to have had their support throughout my academic year. Just knowing that I had that support brought me great comfort. At first I was quite anxious about including it in my routine but they reassured me that it works entirely around me and then I managed to create a new routine and was very comfortable. I only got diagnosed with ASD in my first year of university and so had just gone through my academic journey will no additional help so I didn’t know how I could be helped or what support was available but [my support worker and mentor] really supported me, even just having regular conversations with them was reassuring that I am not alone with my struggles and that it is okay to accept the help that is offered to me. […] [My mentor] was there every week and would reassure me and calm me when I was stressing or having a particularly bad day, she would reassure me that it is okay for me to feel these ways as well as celebrating little victories with me such as a good grade, and would often tell me that I should be proud of myself which was so lovely and comforting!

Terri "

You were fast to respond, friendly, prompt with your emails and always very kind...
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"You were fast to respond, friendly, prompt with your emails and always very kind. Your assessor was understanding; she knew how my disabilities could impact me on a baseline level... It was a genuine relief to get to my assessment and find it a positive and empowering experience. I'm so grateful for all of the time everyone has spent both supporting and helping me with this.”

anonymous "

My experience with IONA was fantastic, much better than expected and they met every query with professionalism and care.
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"My experience with IONA was fantastic, much better than expected and they met every query with professionalism and care.

Assessments can be really daunting as you feel you have to prove your disability, but this was not the case at all. It was simply not stressful as Siobhan put me at ease and had such a lovely demeanour. We talked through the issues of how the disability affects studies/life, with Siobhan full of empathy and kindness. It was like a chat with a friend, offering lots of recommendations for support.

Afterwards, IONA helped recommend the right equipment to help me and went above and beyond to sort it all out with the DSA team. I really cannot recommend IONA highly enough. They were brilliant.

Christina S "

Thank you for being so kind and patient with me...
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"Thank you for being so kind and patient with me and using my pronouns in my form; I don't get to see that a lot and it meant so much reading them in your report.

anonymous "

Thank you for all the help with sorting out the assessments for my DSA...
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"Thank you for all the help with sorting out the assessments for my DSA, you have made the process simple and easy, so once again I thank you for the kindness shown by your team!

Alexandra "

Richie is really happy with how [the assessor] has been able to really understand him and his needs
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"Richie said just reading the report has made him feel safe and more reassured and excited to go to university and do what he does best study. So please do thank James for us and the whole team for your amazing support and help in this difficult transition for both of us.

Pepe Kaur "

Your service is just brilliant!
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"Your service is just brilliant!

anonymous "

I am really pleasantly surprised and captivated by the competence
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"I am really pleasantly surprised and captivated by the competence and the fact that [the assessor] noticed everything I am really struggling with at the moment during my student course. I am really full of admiration. And, once again, thank you very much to all of you.

Agnieszka "

I believe this service is amazing.
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"I believe this service is amazing to help students with disabilities and makes you feel as if you have all the help and support that you need to succeed

anonymous student "

The assessment was great, as the assessor really listened to me and recognised my needs and what support I would benefit from.
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"I was provided with many programs and equipment, which assisted me in my studies, I was also provided with full training, to learn how to use them efficiently. IONA quickly organised equipment and everything I needed to help me with my studies. It really boosted my confidence and has been an invaluable help. I am a mature student and was really nervous about studying. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering studying that has any type of disability to arrange an assessment with IONA, you really won’t regret it. I was amazed at how much support I was given

Michelle "

It was very straightforward and easy to do.
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" The staff replied quickly to my emails

anonymous "

I found the meeting very helpful and informative.
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"The staff was very friendly and helped assist me to fill in accurate details that will help me be supported for University. Thanks to them I feel more confident about starting University and know that I'm going to receive the proper support I require when I start.


I am a mature student applying for university. I have been quite concerned that my disabilities would really hinder my ability to carry out the next 3 years in education.
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"However my assessor was more than helpful and has provided me with all the information and help I needed and put my mind at rest about a lot of things. Really glad I went for this process.

Rowan "

I suffered a whole week of bad nerves (due to my anxiety) leading up to my assessment and it was all for nothing.
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"From the moment I met my assessor she was pleasant to talk to and possessed a warm aura. The whole assessment had a friendly but frank atmosphere, I could be honest about my difficulties and not be judged. Even better for every difficultly I have there seemed to be a solution for it. I didn't feel pressured, rushed, or really that I was talking to an assessor. Coming from someone who can suffer from extreme anxiety, I didn't find this experience panic inducing at all. Don't hesitate to go.

Lakeisha "

With my particular difficulties (ADHD and Asperger's) I struggle to organise anything, and consequently a lot of the time feel like I'm sort of drifting.
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"However the IONA people helped with organising my assessment, the appointment was thorough and pleasant, not pressured at all, and when I struggled with arranging things through a supplier they helped me get that sorted too. Without them I would likely not have been able to do my degree (2nd year now!), and certainly would not have had the resources and support I have done. If you're considering study, and need additional support for whatever reason, they are brilliant at getting things done. The view through the windows at the front of their offices is fantastic too.

Louis "

Thank you so much for all your help.
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"I would not have known where to begin to look for everything I needed without your expert guidance and support. I cannot thank you enough for arranging all the computer equipment and tutoring I needed and all at no cost to me which really helped take the stress out of it immensely. I would not hesitate to recommend Iona and their superb staff. Kindest regards to you all.

Anonymous "

Thank you first of all for arranging everything I needed to do my university course so quickly.
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"The tutoring has been very good and the mentoring has been excellent. So far, I haven't used the Dictaphone much, but will use it a lot in this coming year. The printer for my computer has been priceless, as has the extra finance from DSA for printing inks and paper. The chair I was given has been a bonus, as I can work from home without too much pain, which I had before the chair arrived. I can't really take in the fact that all of this has been without cost to me, so thank you very much for arranging it all. Many thanks. Rating 5 Stars.

Margaret "

Excellent staff, easy to talk to. And sorted all equipment I needed for course very fast.
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"Without their surport I wouldn't have been able to complete my 3 years at university. So thank you a lot. I will never forget what the centre done and for believing in me that I could complete the course thanks.

Hayley "

This needs assessment was the first time that I have experienced an assessment related to my disability...
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"...and it's need for me to get the support I require to make the most of my time at university to achieve the best grade that I can. As far as first experience's go I was rather nervous, not really knowing what to expect. However half an hour into the assessment all that anxiety and worry just dissipated as the assessor I had was really patient, listened attentively to what I wanted to say and was sympathetic to the difficulties I may face regarding my studies especially the one's I faced during my first year at university; alongside the appropriate recommendations and demonstrations of pieces of software and thoroughly explaining everything in a way that gave me adequate time to process the information given to me so that I could make informed decisions. The whole process was allowed more than sufficient time to fully detail an extensive report that would ensure I'd get the support of the recommended equipment and mentoring I'd need. It was altogether a really positive experience that made feel like things are moving forward in the right direction and the assessor I had was more than willing to answer any queries by email if I had forgotten to mention anything in the assessment (which I had done). All in all a fantastic service, whose sole focus is the wellbeing of the students to the extent that they'll be contacting me about 3 months or so away from my assessment date to ensure that things are going well.


I want to say a big thank you to the IONA team for ensuring everything goes smoothly for my DSA application.
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"I was very impressed by their gentle manner. They had a very good understanding of how nerve racking application processes can be and the entire team (from coordinator to assessor) did everything to ensure that the process was not stressful for me. Thanks and keep making a difference."

I feel so grateful for the support I have received.
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"I contacted the uni to get a needs assessment, but because of breast feeding, anxiety and dyslexia I found this process daunting, but after contacting and explaining my situation I was shocked at the amount of effort to accommodate me in this process. I found myself having to cancel a few times and felt like I was being a bother, but a lovely person continued to try to assist me to attend, helped me to sort documents and was extremely patient and understanding. I honestly feel without their support I would have not managed to attend this appointment and would have lost the chance to continue with my studies. I'm most grateful to them even up to the last 20 minutes of the appointment time I was able to message to get help to where I needed to be. Once at the appointment I was greeted via the needs assessor who again was soooo amazing, they took time to help me control my anxiety and talked me through everything giving me sooo much amazing support on so many levels. Even with me in tears they made me feel they had all the time in the world to support me. I really am grateful. I have come away today feeling hopefully for my academic future for the first time in my life and feel so much gratitude towards the two wonderful people that I feel provided me with such support that I never expected from this process and would advise and recommend this assessment centre to anyone and everyone I meet. Thank you yet again for all your support. I can't explain just how happy I feel due to the amount of understanding and support I've received.

Thank you sincerely Hayley Hope "

I'd just really like to thank Iona and my assessor for making the DSA process not only really simple but just by being really understanding, helpful and attentive it's really made me feel reassured that the necessary support is tailored well to me and allowed me the time to focus on uni whilst the application went through.
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"I felt and still feel in really good hands and am massively grateful again for their support. The assessor was brilliant and the ease of the process has made me feel positive not only about the support we've put in place (including mentoring, equipment and learning software), but also about academic life over the rest of my degree.

Will Johanson "

The entire assessment process was unlike any I have experienced prior.
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"Throughout my journey through disability; both dealing with and trying to rebuild my life - I have encountered a number of "assessments". Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and various others for differing things but those two are important to note. The idea of being disabled is something only the person and their immediate family can fully understand. It is not a case of being unable to walk up stairs because your back hurts, no. It is the removal of what you and everyone else can do and then being left with the responsibility to find your own way to continue living. Anyone who has gone through the aforementioned will know that there is no support or independence in either; both can feel smothering, restricting, and like you must stay in a clearly defined box or else face losing months of work.

My assessor was an individual that not only reminded me that The Department of Work and Pension's way of doing things was not how all assessments are carried out. But, also that it is possible to find a trained, qualified, and caring individual that is interested in hearing what you have to say, the difficulties you face, and how they can help. Help is the keyword as individuals that face a life of disability will require help, it doesn't have to be in the form of funding or benefits. It can be as simple as feeling like what you are saying is being heard. Some people lose their voices when faced with a life of disability, they lose their smile, and they lose their ability to look to the future with hope - and this is an aspect of disability that no one talks about.

The IONA Institute supplied me with only the highest quality of service. Whether it was organising the most comfortable way in which for me to communicate with them, which is via e-mail as talking over the phone is very difficult for me, or the most comfortable place for me to be assessed which for me was at home. Throughout the process I was given a choice which was refreshing rather than feeling dread at a place, time, and date I *had* to be at or else. I truly believe that this assessment process is how it should be done and I think it essential for individuals to know that care, compassion, and understanding are not just buzzwords used to make people on the outside think they are doing a good job. These are actual things I have experienced both in my dealings with IONA and the assessor. Finally, I want to say that the assessor was a wonderful individual to spend time with. At no point was there ever a feeling or resentment at having to do a home visit, or like there was a time limit on how long it would take for me to fully convey my issues. I was listened to. I was heard and it is because of that I can confidently say that I am glad to have been assessed by IONA and particularly by the assessor.

Robert Fletcher-Jones "

It is has been a great pleasure for me to be assessed by this center
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"I felt myself in good hands and the assessor really understood my struggles and they really gave me good advice and solutions to my problem. I was assessed after 1 week of my initial application, which was difficult to find with other center. My assessment report came through after 2 weeks. For a good service and support, I can only suggest IONA Assessments Center to other students.

Rach "

The service was very excellent
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"I recommend this centre to everyone. Keep up the good works. Thank you

Anonymous "

My assessor has consistently gone above and beyond
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"I had repeated problems with DSA-imposed delays and missed deadlines, and at every point the assessors intervened on my behalf to ensure everything was organised and in place as rapidly as possible. The report the assessor wrote was incredibly thorough and in-depth, and meant that all the equipment recommended was approved - I have no doubt that this was due to all the work they put into my report. Even after my assessment when I've had teething problems with the technology, the assessor has consistently provided support and researched alternatives. I cannot compliment Them more highly, and I recommend them to everyone.

Anonymous "

Everyone whom which I have been in contact with, whether via email or in person, has been extremely kind and professional
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"Without their help I would have never known what I could possibly be entitled to. At first the assessment seems quite daunting, but you are put at ease right away and everyone is very easy to talk to. I am very grateful for all of the help that I have received so far and would highly recommend them to anyone that needs an assessment.

Lucy "

I would definitely recommend IONA for a DSA assessment.
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"The process from beginning to end was fast and efficient. I filled in my details on the website and was then contacted by the office to go through my details and book me with a suitable assessor. A range of appointments was offered and I was able to choose one on a Saturday which was ideal. I was also prompted by a text reminder to submit the further information required. The Canterbury centre is up on the University of Kent's campus and is well served by buses and there is a car park in front of the building too. As it was a Saturday, the assessor had texted me to let me know that there was no reception staff and that I should call him on my arrival. The 'assessment' itself was very thorough and it was extremely helpful that the assessor himself was familiar with online distance learning. I felt that I was able to get across the issues that my disability can lead to and I had confidence that the assessor understood them. All-in-all it was a very positive experience.

Darren "

The process of getting assessed for my DSA was very pleasant
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"The assessor was great and we connected on different things, which made the whole process even less intimidating. Also, knowing that the assessor had some stories to relate to the points that I was making, was golden. I would definitely recommend this centre to anyone who is looking for one.

Anais "

The assessor was super helpful in helping me to understand my condition and contextualise how it affects me on a daily basis.
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"I felt at ease, and everything discussed only aided this. The assessor carefully broke down the next steps of my DSA application and answered any and all questions I had. I was particularly impressed that the assessor was knowledgeable about my degree subject and was able to weigh in on it. I would definitely recommend !

Dammy "

I cannot thank the team at Iona enough.
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"From the very first call, to the actual assessment, through to the follow up aftercare, I was treated with kindness, care, and deep understanding of my disability and specific needs.

With my disability, I am extremely sensitised and responsive to and appreciative of excellent quality customer service and that is what Iona provides.

I could not have continued with my studies without the extra support that has been provided and put in place.

Baili "

I am a mature student returning to education, and I have found in Iona a very helpful organisation. My assessor in particular and all the other persons I have dealt with on the phone are very understanding and professional; without them, nothing would have been possible, and I would have given up.
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"Iona gave me the tools to do my academic studies, with exam arrangements in place, and new equipment, with software strategies. I cannot thank them enough. I am so grateful for all the help provided, that I will not hesitate to recommend Iona.

Jacqueline "

I am extremely grateful for the excellent support I received from the Iona assessment centre throughout the DSA process. I was able to book an appointment very quickly at a time that suited me. My assessor was very friendly and listened carefully to the things I said, this was evident in the DSA needs assessment report.
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"I felt [the report] gave an excellent representation of my condition and the difficulties I have when studying. The recommendations made for equipment to assist me were ideal and very well justified. This has resulted in me being provided with equipment that enables me to study far more effectively and makes studying far more enjoyable. Thank you very much to all at Iona.

Tracy Britten "

A big big thank you to the staff at Iona for their support and help throughout the DSA process.
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"Arranging an appointment at my own convenience was quick and simple, the appointment was thorough, and all resources and support were put into place before I knew it! So far all of the provided support has been a lifeline for my learning during my first year of university and I can't imagine how much I would struggle without it. Another big thank you to my assessor who was kind, supportive and very helpful! Thank you Iona!

Danielle "

Beginning a degree is one of the most exciting yet terrifying things you could ever do. All that I needed was a little bit of reassurance, and a helping hand to make sure my first university experience was a smooth one.
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" I contacted the IONA assessment centre as I researched local DSA assessment centres, and arranged an appointment. Following on from my needs assessment at the IONA assessment centre, I believe that all the support, strategies and resources put in place for me such as the voice recognition strategy and specialist 1-2-1 mentoring support have been very helpful and appropriate for me as I began my first year of my degree. I believe that the previously mentioned support, strategies and resources will continue to assist me in thriving during my degree as I go into my second year of study in terms of keeping calm during my studies; improving how I take notes; and having balance in my everyday life. My assessor in particular was very reassuring and supportive, something I very much needed! Thank you.

Megan "

Iona has been nothing but exemplary. I have never had an appointment booked so quickly and hassle free.
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"Everyone, from the receptionist on the phone to my assessor, were the most understanding people who had clearly been trained to deal with various disabilities. I could contact them at almost anytime of the day and when I was confused they were patient. They are relaxed and supportive when it comes to paperwork which I found very refreshing. All of the above is a direct result of the incredible dedication of the entire team, who do their "best" to ensure every student receives the support they need.

Christine Bordean "

When it comes to getting the help and support I need to combat my difficulties and ensure that I have the help I need to make life easier at university, I wouldn't know where to start and I wouldn't know what to do to make sure I get the best deal.
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"I was Told to go with IONA by my grandmother and after reaching out to them I found out that the whole process would be easier than I thought or at least they made it that way. The staff were all very attentive and responsive to me, not only in person but also in dealing with an unorganised 21 year old and they showed great patience and encouragement when it came to getting the documents and information from me.

When I went in for the assessment I was met with a very welcoming man named Jonathon. He was creating a great connection between allowing me to relax and comfortably talk through the issues that may arise at uni with my difficulties. I received very quick responses following the assessment and was also encouraged to reply with things that I may have missed with Jonathan, which was great as there were somethings that came to mind later on. Not only have I received the necessary support I was also given great tips to make the simpler struggles easier too.

I couldn't recommend highly enough.

Sam Black "

Dear Norma, Last year at about this time I achieved an ambition that I have had since the time that I was 16 years old, but as those of my age will remember, a degree at that time was in the hands of those that could afford such things. That is unless you happened to be one of those people with the intellectual capacity of a Steven Hawkins and were picked out from the many.
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"With life getting in the way and a need to find work education went on the back burner. I lost my sight in 1990, the cause being Diabetes, needless to say although it was a shock to me, my employer of that time helped me to continue working, even though I was much slower than everyone else.

The real turning point was when I retired. My wife had her own plans for retirement and I didn't feel that we would be compatible for long if I got in the way of her ambitions. So, it was that I decided to renew a long forgotten goal of achieving my own ambition of a Degree. That is where your organisation came in, recommended by The DSA, you made an appointment to see me at home along with a colleague. You arrived spot on time explained all the help that was available and while my wife went off to make tea for us all, you showed me some of the equipment available.

From that moment on your services have been invaluable and throughout the many Modules, you and your colleagues have been there. During that time, my PC was deemed useless by Microsoft, being that it ran on Windows XP, which they deemed as being out of date. You came to the rescue, in that you persuaded the DSA to supply me with a more up to date version. Similarly, when the Stream Reader proved to be too complicated because the buttons on it were flush with the reader, you provided me with one that had buttons that stood proud of the machine and made it much easier to work.

So thanks for all the support with the various equipment that you recommended , although, over time as my sight became worse, you have not stood in the way of achieving my original goal, while about half the equipment that I started off with has had to be changed , Zoomtext for Jaws, Victor Stream Reader for the original one and the PC for one that was special adapted to my requirements and the support of your organisation and the DSA, I am now the proud bearer of a Bachelor of Arts in History at the Open University.

One other bonus of you making it possible to attend the OU, is that I and my study buddy are now bosom buddies and it is always useful to have A Magistrate on my team. Many thanks for all the help and assistance and should anyone in the same boat contact me, I will be happy to recommend the services of both yourself and the staff of IONA.

With kind regards,

Andrew Emmett BA Open University "

Just wanted to let you know, the assessment with Jonathan went really well. He was a great person, very approachable, who made the meeting seem relaxed rather than stressful.
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"I must say, the help he has suggested for James is amazing and I'm truly grateful. It's made me feel so much more confident about my son being away from home and facing the biggest challenge of his life so far, in going to university.

I'm very grateful to you and your team.

With thanks and best wishes,

Nichola Ross "

I have recently had experience, as a parent of a child with Asperger's Syndrome, of Iona carrying out an assessment and then recommendations prior to her attending University. I found the service they provided to be outstanding.
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"Initially, I was reluctant to have my daughter assessed as I was concerned it would be a stressful process for her. I was put in touch with Norma Kitson through the Connexions service. From the start, Norma was supportive and managed to address my anxieties. Communication was superb and time lines were adhered to.

The assessment process itself was made to be enjoyable and totally stress free. It was a completely different experience to the one my daughter and I had anticipated. The venue and process were wholly appropriate and convenient, with the result that the assessment was completed quickly and thoroughly.

I now have a completely different opinion of the assessment process following my experience with Iona Kent and SE, and would have no hesitation in contacting them in the future.


Irene Stone "

Hi Norma I just want to say THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANK YOU.
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"I was nervous when I came to see you because I knew I needed a lot of equipment to help me start at university, if I was to do what I wanted. Being partially sighted had been such a problem for me during my school years but, I actually enjoyed the assessment, you listened, you understood, and for the first time the assessment wasn't a hassle.

I started at university feeling a little more confident, knowing I had your support and the support of the South-East Assessment Centre (Iona).

It took a lot of hard work but, I have just finished my 4 year degree course at university studying Computer Science and have achieved a First Class Degree with Honours.

Thank you so much for believing in me Norma.

Craig Regan "

Our son has recently completed the Disabled Student Allowance Assessment of Needs procedure that was carried out by the Iona Kent and South-East Assessment Centre on behalf of our Local Authority.
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"We found the whole experience helpful, caring and supportive. We truly believe it has given our son the best start in helping him to achieve his academic goals. We have no hesitation in recommending the professional service provided by the Iona Kent and South East Assessment Centre to others facing the transition into higher education.

Mr and Mrs B Greenfield "

Four years ago, my Son was assessed at KaSE (Now 'Iona') by Norma Kitson. He is partially sighted, with other associated problems, and had always been perturbed with assessments/reviews during his time at school. We went to see Norma thinking here we go again, but to our delight Craig actually found some-one who would listen to his problems and was willing to help him with his needs.
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"The assessment process went very smoothly and the equipment he needed to access his chosen course at university arrived in plenty of time. Last year Craig had cause to contact Norma again as the course content changed and Iona was able to assist him further.

I would personally like to thank Norma and the whole of Iona Kent and South-East Assessment Centre for their professionalism and understanding, as without their help Craig would never have been able to achieve his full potential. I would have no hesitation in recommending this particular service to others in the same situation as my Son.

Kind Regards

Linda Parker "

Hi Norma I would like an opportunity to say many thanks and all of your staff. I received excellent support and service during my needs assessment and all the time during my undergraduate programme.
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"During my undergraduate programme I was reassured from IONA that I will be supported and I was supported. Your support did ease my stress all the time. I could not even imagine my good degree without your help and support. I give credit to IONA for my good results all the time for understanding my needs and supporting me accordingly.

IONA assessment centre means excellence, support and understanding for me.

Neha LLB (Law) "

To whom it may concern. I thought that by writing this, it may help other people with similar concerns or worries about their disability, that coming to the assessment centre isn't so bad.

All my childhood education I was told I was stupid and wouldn't concentrate, the usually things. I hated school and the whole education route. I learnt to deal and cope with my dyslexia in the adult world and covered it up. As you know, you learn to adapt to the problem.
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"At the age of 31, I decided if I really wanted to become a children's nurse, after having my children in intensive care unit, and having worked at Great Ormond Street hospital, I would have to face the whole education route again, and this wasn't easy. It wasn't easy having to admit to university I had dyslexia and was even harder going for the educational assessment to get it formally diagnosed, as it was so long ago it was done. It was hard seeing and realising how much my dyslexia affected my life, as this test was design to bring it all to the surface, even for adults who learnt to cover it up.

The next step was going to the needs assessment at IONA, where I met Norma. I am not an easy person to talk to about my struggles or how my dyslexia affects me, as I have had such bad experiences in past with teachers telling me am stupid and won't amount to anything as an adult. Norma was so different. She gave me the tools to complete my course and actually knew what I needed. She helped with my confident and made me believe I could complete this course with the right help and guidance. I am now in my last six months at Canterbury University doing children's nursing, without the whole assessment, equipment and allowances put in place I wouldn't be nearly finished today and finally finishing my dream and doing a job I want to do.

None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for Norma and her team.

All I am saying is I know it's hard to admit you need help, but it's not so bad going through the process and you are entitled to the help and allowances to get you through your course. There is no reason why you should let your disability or learning difficulty get in the way of this. Norma didn't just help me the once, she was there for the whole course; even when I had be reassessed for ADHD. I really just want to say thank you for all that you have done and for giving me the tools to complete my course, without you and your centre I believe this wouldn't have been possible, and I would have given up like I have done in the past.

Thank you, a very grateful mature student Hayley, for helping me complete my dream."

I have just been awarded a 2:2 BSc Honours degree through the Open University. I am a dyslexic student and I would just like to express my gratitude to IONA for their support in assessing my study needs.
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"IONA suggested programs such as Dragon and Inspiration and through the completed needs assessment; they ensured that the study support and equipment recommended was put forward to the DSA. Without this support my studies would not have progressed, I found the support from an identified one to one dyslexia tutor was invaluable in helping me to structure my thoughts and assisting with proof reading of assignments.

I am planning to continue with my studies at postgraduate level and following a change in my university next year, I have approached IONA to reassess my needs for the next stage of my educational journey towards teaching. - Jeni"

Hi Norma,
I would like my testimonial to be added to the few I have read in relation to your wonderful service.
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" Someone must have been looking over me when I came across your name from a huge list of assessment centres. Prior to starting university I struggled academically however, I continued to work hard to gain the qualifications needed to get into university (at 40yrs of age) in order to pursue my chosen career.

For once in my life someone believed in my difficulties and recognised me as worthy with the potential to do well. I have dyslexia and Norma gave me the tools to do my academic studies. I am in my final year now and have been confident to face the challenges. I have always struggled with coming to terms with being dyslexic and have not told many members of my family and friends through the fear of stigma. Perhaps this testimonial will encourage others to get assessed where they can also start to believe THEY CAN achieve and get on with the correct support and equipment in place.

I send my personal thanks to Norma Kitson who has opened a door for me - one I shall never forget. - Sandra"

To Whom It May Concern:
Re: Iona Kent and Kent and South East Assessment Centre
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" I have had a number of professional contacts with the above named organisation. Initially, I was asked to give a lecture, in my role of an Educational Psychologist, to one of their training days. Subsequently, I invited Norma Kitson to give a lecture and workshop to a conference of Educational Psychologists that I organised yearly.

In all cases, Iona has demonstrated itself as a professional, well informed and helpful organisation. In particular, the comments received about the DSA for the Educational Psychologists' Conference were very well received and I would certainly endorse their good practice.

Dr Michael Thomson - Principal of East Court School/Chartered Educational Psychologist"

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