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Canterbury (Main Centre)

University of Kent Campus, Canterbury Innovation Centre,
University Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7FG

Outreach: Medway and London - Greenwich
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Tel: 07742 188458
Or: 07841 872836

Students - The DSA Process

Iona supports students throughout the DSA process.

We can help with your DSA application and support you for the duration of your course.

Step 1

If you are studying full time, just check the option to apply for DSA in your main student finance application.

If you only want to apply for DSA and no other financial support, or you’re studying part-time, download the full DSA form at

Step 2

If asked by Student Finance, arrange an assessment with an independent needs assessment centre to find out what equipment and support you need.

Iona have Centres in Canterbury, Medway and Greenwich and there are no waiting times for appointments. If travel to the Centre is involved, this can be reimbursed.

You are not personally charged for this assessment; fees are paid for by your funding body.

The assessment fee does not affect or lessen the amount of DSA funding awarded to you. The amount is dependent on each student’s individual needs.

Step 3

Student Finance will confirm what equipment and specialist support DSAs can pay for. They will also give detailed instructions for ordering equipment or arranging other support.

The application process can take up to 14 weeks.

DSAs can help pay the extra costs that you may have as a direct result of your disability. The grant includes a Specialist Equipment Allowance, Non-Medical Helper Allowance, Travel Allowance and a General Allowance for extra disability-related costs.

DSA funding does not depend on your household income; approved funding depends on your individual needs. DSA funding does not need to be given back.

The Iona Needs Assessment Centre’s role is to help with your application and then produce a report in which we recommend the amount and type of support.

For more information go to the website or have a look at the videos below.

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